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Remember Blogs?

Since the advent of Facebook, Instagram, etc., the idea of having a blog seems to have become less and less useful.

I used to have a blog called SPRAWLED OUT (last post: 2012) and it dealt with city planning issues in the suburbs, with lots of material about my very own city. It was a valuable exercise, and occasionally I'd be quoted on a national site or even in a publication.

I've decided I don't write enough "off clock" material anymore, so this space will be dedicated to getting words put together for no reason other than to keep the tools tuned.


The project this week is to tear down my old web site and replace it with a shiny new one that I will assemble and grow after it is in place. In the old days I used a program called Rapidweaver to make my web site, and, unfortunately, the version of the software I used is long out of date and my site is deterioriating. I'm a Wix guy, now.


To keep things interesting, I'll leave you with this picture of imprints left on my lawn by three large creatures. I don't know what they were/are, but they are welcome to use my backyard as needed.

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