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I've written for a variety of publications and clients since I did my very first "words for money" article back in the mid-90s (that would be Where You At, Major Matt?). This section will grow as I repopulate the web with my old pulp scribblings.


I've written quite a bit about the Eighth Wonder of the world. Here's a repository of material old and new.

There are few pleasures like the joy of a memory reclaimed


It was one of the greatest toys ever made - - and then it disappeared without a trace. Whatever happened to Mattel's Man in Space?

Insider Milwaukee Magazine

Growing evidence suggests the cul-de-sac costs more in city services. (Milwaukee Magazine, vol. 35, no. 11)


Want to be popular? Tell people you're on a first name basis with Joe.


Uncovering the dark past of an iconic - and mysterious - pin-up.

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