The Kong Files

Everybody has to be good at something. For me, it's all things KING KONG. When Peter Jackson's KONG film came out in 2005, I was doing a half-dozen radio interviews per day in the week leading up to the premiere.

I also wrote a series of columns called THE KONG FILES, some of which are featured at right, for the official Kong Fan Site, KONG IS KING, a task which allowed me to justify hours of research and got me invited to the world premiere in New York.
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KING KONG: Lost and Found
My first foray into the land of Kong -- chasing the remains of a giant ape from Baraboo, Wisconsin to Hollywood.
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Whither ROBO-KONG?
There was a robot. Dino claimed his Kong would be a 40-foot mechanical monster that could stride down Broadway. The media ate this up. “But what’s most extraordinary is that he’s fully functional,” Saga magazine reported breathlessly.

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Every Picture Tells a Story
I'd first seen it on page 43 of Turner and Goldner's "The Making of King Kong." It intrigued me for a couple of reasons: first, and most obvious, it's clearly badly torn; secondly, the person in the photo looks like he's about to bite the head off of the photographer who interrupted him at work - but he's wearing a hat and tie, as if he'd walked in off the street or was on his way out.
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The Wrong Kong: Desi and Lucy Meet a Giant Gorilla
And then it happens. Frawley walks up to a miniature ape, picks him up and asks Vance, "Do you recognize this little fella? This happens to be the star of one of the most famous pictures ever made — KING KONG," Frawley recites as he manhandles the prop, finally passing it to Desi.

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Cooper by Cooper: Part 1
Merian C. Cooper lived a life that was full-to-bursting. He was a force of nature, seemingly without fear, who made his mark over and over again.
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Cooper by Cooper: Part 2
In his book “Things Men Die For,” Cooper championed Manifest Destiny in no uncertain terms. Does that mean he was racist?

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A Guide to KING KONG Published Fiction, Pre-2005

The weird, the wonderful, and the unexpected -- a look at KING KONG cover art and interior illustrations from novelizations available before the Peter Jackson film appeared.